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At Tiranga Cafe we serve you fresh prepared food using the best ingredients, offer friendly services, clean & pleasant surroundings at a reasonable price. Each dish will be prepared for your individual taste.

All spices are natural. The degree of spices can be restricted, starting with mild, and progressing in stages to very hot and super hot.

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Our food is made with homemade ingredients used extensively in Indian homes. It combines the best of taste and nutrients making our cuisine appeal equally to the mind and body.

Your enjoyment and satisfaction in dining at Tiranga Cafe is our aim. So sit back and enjoy our hospitality while dining with us.

About Us

Tiranga Cafe has been a pioneer in Indian cuisine in the bay area for the last decade. It has firmly established itself as the restaurant of choice among Indian and non Indian folks alike.

Our motto is to delight our customers with the best cuisine coupled with the best service.


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Delivery Service Hours

Monday to Saturday

Lunch : 11:30 AM to 02:00PM (PST/PDT)

Dinner: 05:30 PM to 08:30PM (PST/PDT)

We are closed on Sunday